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Ira’s Testimony


Ira sitting up in bed

Ira is 17 years old girl who was born with a serious disease within her legs and hips. Her mother took care of her at home until she was five years old, but her abusive alcoholic father physically abused Ira’s mother so bad one night that she died of internal injuries. Eventually, Ira was sent to this orphanage, because no other family had the ability to take care of her.

Because of her medical condition, Ira is unable to lay on her back. For the remainder of her life, she must rest on her stomach or herside. Ira is very modest, grateful, and tender. She has a beautiful soul and character. She loves people and is open to everyone. Ira is now in a nursing home (since she is 17 years old). Because of her medical condition she needs 24 hour care. Here dream is to have a family and a dog.  When Lada asked her a few questions, like, “Who is Jesus?” She replied, “He was killed on the cross.” Ira was not brought up in a Christian family, so she knew nothing about our Lord Jesus except for the fact. Lada and others have helped explain to Ira the way to salvation, and she listened very carefully and replied that she had never heard the gospel message beforehand and was now looking forward to learning more about Christ. She mentioned that the nurses at the nursing home never speak about Jesus, Christianity, or anything spiritual, so her only exposure to Jesus would be through Christians visiting her and always looks forward to more conversations about Jesus. Please keep Ira in your prayers, with Iya and Sheznaya!

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