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Vitali with theology teach, Kostya

Dear American Friends,

My name is Vitali and I live in the state of Kharkov. I am one of the Bible students in one of the courses being taught by Slavic Christian Ministries. Currently, we are studying The Way to Restoration, by pastor Ron Putnam, which focuses upon the essentials of the Christian faith. I would like inform you that these lessons, and this book in particular, are huge blessings for our church and for my life as a believer! I can see how the Holy Spirit is using this book and our theology teacher to teach us such important things.

Each new chapter opens up new knowledge and information about God and his Word that amazes me! I can see how I am maturing as a Christian with each passing lesson. I particularly enjoy the section of the book that focuses upon our “sanctification” as Christians. I totally changed my view of Christian maturity after studying these lessons.

But more than just accumulating information, I have been transformed even more – I’ve a newfound desire to live for other people, to serve God with all of my heart, soul, strength, and mind, and to be his witness in the world!

Pastor Ron, I want to thank you personally. We are maturing because of your willingness to invest in us. The lessons are simple to understand and apply in life, but very deep with Scriptural truths. Thank you very much! To show my gratitude, I have written a poem for you and those in America that are helping us here in Ukraine:

You are the ray from God,
You are shining to people in darkness,
You are the ray of hope for people who are tired and looking for help,
Let you’re shining light of Christ be bright on this dark planet,
And let your love warm those people around you.

– Vitali Kisulev

Dear friends, testimonies like these from Vitali are refreshing and encouraging. They help us remember why we are all investing in this ministry! Currently, we are ministering to about 400 people this year (about 100 are theology students). By helping invest in these lives, we believe they will be deeper rooted in the Lord and expand their influence to others within their sphere of influence. To quote Karl Heim from my book The Way to Restoration, “What Jesus wants is not admirers, but disciples.” In Vitali’s case, he took the call seriously!

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