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I Want To Win People For Jesus Christ!

Andrey sitting on a bed

Andrey is winning his battle with his addiction!

“Hi, my name is Andrey. I am 37 years old and originally from Donetsk, Ukraine. Before coming to Christ, I was successful in making lots of money. But I used this success to engage in drugs for 13 years. During this period of time, I witnessed many tragedies, including the death of my close friends. These events only intensified my longing for drugs, which kept ruining my life. I was so addicted to drugs that I could not see a way out of my situation. My Christian neighbor couldn’t watch me suffer any longer and offered to help me enter rehab. She was so kind that she even paid for my transportation costs to get to the facility.

Unfortunately, I left the rehab center and returned to drugs for another year, but my brothers in Christ continued to pray for me. By God’s mercy I returned to the rehabilitation center and continued my healing process. The second time was much better, because it was during this second stint, that I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

With God’s help, I have studied God’s Word, learned spiritual disciplines, and I have been interacting with other Christians, like Zhenya. Over time, God has been transforming me from the inside out. My constant struggles with my sin nature resulted in my sincere repentance. Ron Putnam’s book and the course “A Key to Freedom” taught and helped me to gain the right perspective and direction in my life. Many scripture passages have encouraged me to seek Jesus and ask him to guide me in life. I am learning how to overcome my addiction and how live a victorious life in Jesus Christ. I am being set free from sin more and more! My counseling sessions with Zhenya have really helped me in my spiritual growth too.

I personally want to thank Zhenya and all those involved in this ministry; you are instruments in God’s hands for the expansion of his kingdom and the service of people like me! God has already revealed to me that I need to serve him. I still struggle, but my true desire is to cling to Christ and to his church. I also hope that God will allow me to get married some day and keep growing me in my spiritual walk with him. I want to win people for Jesus Christ!” – Andrey

What a transformation! Andrey was a very angry man who tried to destroy relationships within the rehabilitation center, and he did everything he could to push people away. But Jesus entered his heart and his entire demeanor and behavior changed. Now he wants to serve Christ with all of his heart. Praise God!

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