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Huge Thanks!


Kostya (left) is SCM’s theology teacher with pastor Yuri.

In our next letter we will be concentrating on our orphanage outreach, but today, I would like to share with you a testimony from pastor Yuri from Serpnyeve, a village about an hour and a half from our city of Kharkov.

Huge Thanks!

Dear Slavic Christian Ministries,

First of all, I would like to give my “HUGE THANKS” for your wonderful ministry here in Ukraine. You don’t realize how much your ministry encourages us in our walk with Christ. Your teaching materials are excellent!

As a pastor, I know how important it is to invest in God’s people so they will be firmly rooted in the Lord. Your resources are not only foundational, but essential for our faith and spiritual growth.

Our church is located in a village far away from the big city of Kharkov, where you have many large churches. Because of distance and cost associated with travel, we haven’t had the ability to receive the Christian education that we have hungered to receive for a long period of time.

As the pastor in this village, I have “dreamed and prayed” to one day have someone help us learn the Word of God more adequately. When other pastors in Ukraine told me about your ministry and theological course, I had a huge desire to also have your lessons within our church. I asked your director if you would please consider traveling and teaching at our location. We sincerely prayed before our Lord for his blessing and we are so delighted that God answered our prayers to have you come to our church!

Over the past year, Ron Putnam’s book on The Way to Restoration was an excellent study tool, and I have seen the positive results within our congregation from his teaching. All the lessons are interesting, the topics are in good order, and our teacher (pastor Kostya Deneka), is understandable and interesting.

I am also delighted to tell you that a long time ago one family left our church, but when they discovered that we were going to have a theology course in our church, they came, listened, enjoyed, and have been committed attendees at the course. I am also delighted to report that they are once again worshipping the Lord faithfully in our congregation! Within a close knit community like ours, we thank God for each and every family we can minister to and love!
I am happy to report that my church and I are all maturing and excited about our faith because of these lessons. Your ministry is a huge joy for all of us. We anxiously await you every week because God has spoken to us through every lesson! Our church is growing spiritually and we definitely see the benefits to this course over the past year. We look forward to studying The Way to Intimacy next. Thank you very much!

Sincerely, Pastor Yuri

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