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God’s Love Manifested in Babai

In October, SCM had a medical outreach to the village of Babai. There were 22 people who came to this outreach. Alexandra was a reluctant woman who chose to come to our event – and she was so happy that she came, because she was overwhelmed by that professionalism of the medical staff and the sincere Christian love that was shown toward her. She was shocked because secular doctors in Ukraine rarely express concern or care about patients. In fact, everyone had the same testimony: God’s love was manifested to them in a tangible way!

With each patient, the team spoke to them about Jesus and the way to salvation. They had several follow-up questions and were very inquisitive. When we gave the opportunity to repent, our team was surprised that no one came to Christ, considering the dialogue we had with them. The team was a bit sad when they departed, but they were reminded that their job was to manifest Christ’s love, it is the Holy Spirit’s job to usher them into the kingdom. So they departed solemnly joyful, knowing they did their best for the Lord!

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