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God Quietly Draws People to Himself


Medical Staff Serving the People

In today’s prayer letter, I am reporting on four additional medical outreaches to Bezludovka, Selekcionay, Merefa, and Serpnyeva. As you will read below, there are no striking testimonies, but ordinary updates on faithful Christians serving the lost in quiet and inconspicuous ways. There was no fanfare, no elaborate celebration at the end of our events; just loving and obedient Christians reaching out on behalf of our Lord. The result was 22 people making first time confessions of faith in Christ. Here are the updates:


We had a medical outreach to Bezludovka, where 25 people visited our physicians. No one accepted Jesus as Savior during this trip, but the Lord had us minister to many medically ill Christians. One man was an employee of the Christian Bible Society, where he was responsible for delivering Bibles to churches across Ukraine. Because there was no salvific fruit, SCM returned to this town and had a much better result during our second trip (despite having to deal with the harsh winter weather). During this second trip, five people received Christ as their Savior. All total, about 50 people’s medical conditions were treated. The five people who repented were connected with the local pastor for follow-up on their recent conversion.

Merefa, Selekcionay & Serpyneva

Merefa is a town about 30 miles away from Kharkov. The church in this town has an evangelist passion to reaches villages in their region. After our planning meeting with the pastor, we decided to partner with them in reaching several locations, which included their town of Merefa, as well as, the villages of Selekcionay and Serpnyeva. The medical staff served about 100 people during these three outreaches and 17 of these people accepted Jesus as Savior for the very first time! Some of them have begun attending and worshipping at the local church, which is an encouragement to us.

Valentina, one of the new believers, reported to us that she was “determined” to meet with our physicians once she received one of our flyers. During her visit, she shared many of her life difficulties and challenges. It was evident from the conversation that Valentina knew she was lost and needed salvation – she was very fearful about her eternal future. She was immediately ushered into a conversation with the pastor, who shared the Gospel of Christ and led her in a salvific prayer, where she repented from her sins and received Jesus as her personal Savior. Praise God!

This is a small village where we have ministered in the past, God drew about 50 people to receive medical help. This is a huge number of people for the size of this village. Only one person came to Christ, but it was still considered a very successful trip because of the response from the community.

The church had been trying to make inroads with the residents of this village for a very long time, with not much success. This outreach was the first successful outreach in quite some time. The church was pleased that their village was served, physical needs were met, and seeds of the Gospel were planted in the hearts of people. The local pastor thanked God and our medical ministry for remembering their small village. I am confident that they are more hopeful going forward because they now know that God’s Spirit remains near them too (Psalm 139:7-12).

Friends, these are just a few encounters we had during our medical outreaches. A few paragraphs don’t do justice to the long hours and commitment to these events. However, you can see that some people were medically served, some were encouraged, and some were saved. There are no awe inspiriting testimonies to share this month – just the reality of our Lord and Savior’s activity in the lives of hurting people. Some were treated medically, while others received spiritual help – the best medicine of all.

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