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From the Koran to Christ

Two girls smiling for a picture in front of pink wall

Lena on left, with her friend Katya, both are orphans in our city of Kharkov.

Lena and Valya are two sisters who were admitted into the orphanage in October 2015. They grew up in a troubled family. Their father is from Azerbaijan and apparently works as a long-distance truck driver. Their mother is an adulteress who has had many relationships outside of her marriage. These girls had to endure many days hunger because they were forgotten and abandoned, as a result of their mother’s lifestyle and their father’s absence.

Lena, who is the older sister (in the photo on page one), couldn’t bear their living condition any longer and decided to run away from home. She stayed with her friends and sometimes lived on the streets. Valya (who is pictured on the left), is the younger sister who remained at home until the police arrived and took her away from her mother. In an effort to remain with her sister, Lena chose to go to the police station to be reunited with Valya. The girls were immediately sent to the orphanage, where our team met them.

At first Lena didn’t really want to listen to our Bible lessons, stating that she read the Koran and didn’t want to hear about Jesus. With the passage of time, the Holy Spirit softened her heart, and she became more open and attentive to our Bible lessons and about the saving work of Jesus Christ. Eventually, Lena along with other girls prayed the prayer of salvation. After one of our lessons, Lena asked our team if we would bring her the New Testament and the book of Psalms. Her friends also asked us to provide them Bibles, so we made sure that every girl that wanted a Bible received one. Now many of these girls read their Bibles regularly.

This has made us very happy, because the girls listen to our lessons and now can study and ask each other questions throughout the week too. Our ministry team has truly enjoyed ministering to these children.

Lena and Valya don’t want to return to their mom and their previous lifestyle. They dream about the new foster family. The girls started to pray about it and ask other people to pray for them as well. They believe that God can change their lives for the better. If you are willing, please pray for these two girls to be adopted.

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