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Forgiveness Has Set Me Free!


A photo of Anya, with SCM teacher Kostya.


Hello, my name is Anya, and I am 23 years old. Many years ago, when I was still a child, my mother became a Christian, and we became members of Good News Church in Nova Bavaria, which is a suburb of Kharkov.

I noticed that through the years my mother had matured as a Christian, while I remained dormant in my spiritual life. With the passage of time, my mom eventually became a leader within the church, while I was busy doing other things, I guess. Over the past three years, I noticed that my mother had “matured considerably” while attending Slavic Christian Ministries’ theological courses. My mother always came home inspired and overjoyed by Ron Putnam’s books.

My mom constantly invited my husband and me to these courses, but for some unknown reason, I was hesitant to attend. But after waiting several years, I decided that I needed to take my Christian faith more seriously, so I agreed to join my mother for this year’s theological training. We are currently studying the book The Way to Righteousness. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying this course. I particularly enjoy the chapters on Faith and Forgiveness!

These two subjects have been a great help for me to understand the importance of forgiving other people and trusting God daily. Because of these two teachings, I have begun to trust God much more in my life, and I have placed a much greater value on forgiving other people too.

For years now, I have struggled with anger and forgiveness toward the Vorsklov family. The father killed two of his four daughters (my friends), and then he committed suicide afterward. I remember my pastor telling me “That we must learn to forgive this family for our own spiritual health,” but it has been extremely difficult for me to do. Now, I can see more clearly the importance of biblical forgiveness.

I want to thank you for helping me mature and for allowing us to have these wonderful lessons. May God abundantly bless you!

– Anya Lanina

What a wonderful example of how God is using our courses to touch lives and instill Christian virtues! And by God’s grace, he has allowed our Christian resources to bring greater peace into Anya’s life! I hope he will continue to heal and bless her!

Please continue to pray that many more people like Anya will understand the concepts of love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy, because everyone needs these from our Lord within a culture where revenge, grudges, and unforgiveness rule the day.

Please be encouraged that your love, prayers, and sacrificial giving are changing lives, one person at a time. Since our inception, the Lord has touched over 8,000 lives through SCM, if you include everything we have done. So you are making a difference — Just ask Anya!

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