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Father’s House Update


Children receiving a 2008 calendar from a local church during SCM’s Christmas outreach event.


I hope you are well. This letter will update you on what’s happening with us and Slavic Christian Ministries!


I hope all of you are well. We are anxiously awaiting our third child to be born at the end of June.

This letter will update you on a few of the exciting ways God is blessing people through our ministry. I hope you will enjoy this month’s update.


Many of you have been praying about the pending court date-which has been going on for over two years now-for Father’s House Christian Orphanage. The final court hearing was held on April 29. The court will render their decision on May 20th. As you may remember, evil businessmen are trying to steal their property so they can profit from the sale of their land.

If their false accusations are validated, then our orphan children who gave their lives to Christ will eventually be separated from this loving home environment and distributed across Ukraine. An unimaginable thought at this moment for everyone involved with the orphanage. Please pray for a miracle decision favoring our kids. It has been a long and arduous journey for the orphanage staff.

Thank you for partnering with me in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to many people. I am sad to report that we are currently down about 35% with our donation receipts. This amount doesn’t include the cost of our child’s birth, which wasn’t factored into our original budget amount. Currently, we are paying all of the costs out of our pocket since we have no insurance to cover the pregnancy.

As you can see, we have many financial needs at this moment. If God touches your heart to help us a bit more, or for the first time, please consider donating towards one of the following needs:

  • Balancing our budget (for our theology and orphans ministry)
  • Reaching Russians with the theological books (distance learning)
  • Helping curb the cost of our child’s birth at the end of June.

We’re extremely grateful for anything that you can do for us and our ministry! Without your generous support, this work would not be done. We appreciate you dearly! Thank you again for praying for Father’s House orphanage too!

Ron Putnam

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