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Enjoyment in English Evangelism


SCM English students studying during class time.

SCM has helped local churches with evangelistic opportunities through our English evangelism courses for four years now. We recently completed three courses to 46 people through a local Baptist church in Kharkov. This year’s students were as diverse as ever. We had young and old students, Christian and non-Christian students, and educated and less educated students. All of them had varied religious backgrounds ranging from atheistic, Mormon, and Christian worldviews. To say the least, it was a very eclectic group of individuals. Despite their diverse backgrounds, the students had two things in common: first, they all wanted to learn English; and second, God had drawn everyone of them to learn more about Jesus Christ!

Over the past months, we not only taught English vocabulary and grammar, but we used Christian themes within our curriculum, engaged in class parties, showed Christian videos, played games, and pastor’s gave their Christian testimonies, and they invited them to church.

Everyone who attended our classes was very open and sincere, and enjoyed learning very much. Almost every student desired to have courses again this upcoming September. Here are testimonies from two of our students this year:

“I enjoy studying English with your ministry because we are learning English while receiving knowledge about Christianity, which I know very little about because the largest part of my life was spent learning atheism from my Soviet upbringing. My attitude about God is changing with every passing lesson. He is becoming closer to me, more understandable and more interesting.” – Nina Kucherenko

“I enjoy the way our English course is presented. Besides teaching grammar, vocabulary, and oral language acquisition, there is interesting biblical vocabulary that has not been mentioned in other courses, which is very helpful. There is a very friendly and warm atmosphere in our class. Natasha [SCM teacher] treats all students with much care and concern. She has good pronunciation and she is a very skilled teacher. I thank you for the opportunity of studying English and the Bible at the same time. I am personally prompted to meditate about our existence on this earth, my behavior, and my future goals. Thank you very much!” – Olga Moiseyenko

Nina and Olga are only two examples of the 46 students we invested in every week during this academic year. As is always the case with this type of ministry, we build trust and relationship for months with the hope and prayer that a few people will accept Jesus as his or her Savior. I know this year was no different. Now that our courses are completed for this academic year, we now patiently wait, pray, and see how many of these students will search for Christ and begin going to church. Please pray for their salvation.

As you read this letter, we are in Ukraine distributing my theology book to the student body and faculty of Christian universities throughout the entire country. Please continue to pray for our ministry as we seek to expand Jesus’ kingdom and light.

I want to thank every one of you who prays and partners financially with our ministry. May God bless each one of you this summer!

Ron Putnam

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