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Embracing Arms of Love

2010-02 dasha

Photo of little Dasha

Here is another prayer letter about one of the orphans we work with regularly. I hope you are touched by this letter about Dasha!

Embracing Arms of Love

Dasha was only a year old when our team of orphanage workers began ministering to her in the “orphan unit” within a local hospital in Kharkov. Because Dasha is so young, I need to tell you her story.

Her neighbors found little Dasha crying in her apartment alone with two other children. They had gone several days without food, water, or any care by anyone—the mother completely abandoned the frightened and hungry kids! Our team met Dasha the day after she arrived at the hospital. Dasha was visibly sad and in a state of shock. The hearts of all our ministry team broke for this little girl.

Five months later, our team has seen a dramatic improvement in Dasha’s spirits, but she hasn’t been transferred to a permanent orphanage with all the other infants because of a bizarre turn of events.

Recently, Dasha’s father found her at the hospital and he has begun visiting her on occasion. Because the father has been identified, Dasha is no longer eligible for adoption into a good family. And due to a technicality in the law, Dasha cannot be transferred to a better location for toddlers and infants, where she can interact with other children and receive better care.

Until the father convinces the authorities that he is reliable and can provide for his daughter, she is stuck in this sterile environment.

The good news is that she is now receiving food and care from the hospital staff and from our ministry staff.

Because the children are so young at this hospital, we cannot teach them about God; all we can do is embrace them with arms of love, and show them that we care for them. Our team does its best to comfort these little children.

Friends, please pray for Dasha, that her life will dramatically improve very soon—hopefully, with minimal emotional trauma.

We need your help to care for children like Dasha.

Thank you for all of your help. You are greatly appreciated!

In Jesus’ love,

Ronald David Putnam

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