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Educating Heads, Reaching People’s Hearts


SCM Students received their diplomas after graduation. It was a joyful time for all students!

We recently completed eight months of English courses in Kharkov, Ukraine. I’m amazed at how quickly time goes by. Once again, our efforts proved to be enjoyable and fruitful. Through your support, we taught English to over 200 students in two different locations with multiple courses in each church.

For the second year in a row, we taught English to about 90 students at Grace Baptist Church in Saltavka, Ukraine. The pastor informed me that about half of the non-Christian students who attended our courses have begun attending his church! Praise God!

This past school year we also began teaching approximately 120 students at Resurrection Baptist Church in Kharkov, Ukraine. Our time there was very successful, both numerically and in terms of our “pre-evangelism” among many unbelievers. Natasha, our English director recently wrote,

Our English classes are over and only good memories are left. We had a pleasant graduation party. We provided diplomas to the graduating students, drank tea, listened to Christian music, fellowshipped, and had much fun. At the end, there was an invitation to salvation and offer for people to visit the church.

We asked the students at both schools if we met their expectations, what they enjoyed about our courses, and what they discovered about God. The overwhelming majority replied that they learned more about God and really enjoyed learning English. The senior pastors of the hosting churches have already notified us that they want our ministry to teach the same courses again this Fall.

The Christians who attended our courses responded that they became more grounded in their faith. A few comments included:


As you can see from these comments, our programs have been very beneficial in educating Christians about our Savior, while introducing non-Christians to God’s love and care for them. Although no one openly expressed their desire to repent and reconcile with God at Resurrection Baptist Church, it was obvious that their hearts were sincerely touched. The non-Christians have a positive attitude toward God, the Christian church, and believers—all for the better.


Please read the testimony of Anastasia, one of our students, who wrote,

Of the three courses provided at this church, I’ve been attending the 6 p.m. group. The classes exceeded all my expectations! I liked the professionalism and the experience of my teacher. Everything was very interesting. I now know many new things about English, while also discovering many new Bible stories, such as the creation event, Garden of Eden, Noah, and Moses.

My entire life, I believed that it was only possible to communicate to God through the Ukrainian Orthodox traditional way of lighting candles and speaking to God through the intercession and help of saints or icons. Now I know otherwise!

Natasha and I want to thank each of you for your prayers and generous gifts to our ministry. I have many more positive news and exciting stories to report, but I’ll save them for updates in the coming months.

Ron Putnam

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