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Doors Opening and Attentive Listening


Patients at Liberty Drug Rehabilitation Center

This month’s prayer letter concentrates on our newest ministry to recovering drug and alcohol addicts. It is a vital ministry because a huge percentage of the Ukrainian population is addicted to some sort of substance. In fact, many of the orphans we minister to are social orphans, which were taken away from destructive homes where the parents were destroying themselves and abusing their children because of their addiction.

With the help of another ministry, Slavic Christian Ministries was able to hire Zhenya, who is a Baptist pastor and former drug addict himself. He has an intense passion to see people set free from this very destructive addiction. Patients respond wonderfully to Zhenya and he is doing an amazing work in four locations:

• Adaptation Rehabilitation Center (Christian ministry)
• Liberty Rehabilitation Center (Christian ministry)
• Yasnaya Polyana Rehabilitation Center (Christian ministry)
• Kharkov Mental Hospital #15 (Government run hospital for addicts)

In the Christian facilities, Zhenya is engaging in counseling, Christian theological courses, and bring people to the Lord through friendship evangelism. We are pleased that Zhenya can work in these Christian centers, but I am personally encouraged by his work in the governmental hospital. Please read Zhenya’s recent note to me.

Dear Ron,

The ministry in the hospital is growing and I am very excited to report that beginning this August, God has opened the doors of three more drug abuse departments and one department for “special people” who have been treated in the hospital for many years. People from this department listened to the Word attentively, asked various questions, shared their own life experience and gladly received “New Testaments.” One man has been in this “special” department for 27 years, but he is very optimistic to be released and start a new life in spite of his long stay in the mental hospital. He was very sincere with his response to the Gospel and even began quoting Biblical passages after our interactions.

Lives are changing here in Ukraine through this ministry. People are turning to Christ and lives are being transformed! Last month God blessed me to bring one person from the drug abuse department to Liberty Rehabilitation Center. After moving to our Christian location, he has just blossomed as a Christian. I believe this man will continue toward a changed life in Christ. Please tell everyone thank you!

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