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Ira Singing

Hello, my name is Ira. I am a member of Good News Church in Jukovskaya, which is a suburb of Kharkov. I want to pass on my sincere appreciation for your theology course where you teach me every week.

Because of your help, I have discovered lots of new and interesting biblical information that has been very necessary for my walk with Jesus. I really enjoy Kostya Deneka (Slavic Christian Ministries’ theology teacher). His teachings are always presented in interesting ways that are filled with though provoking questions.

It is without a doubt that these theology lessons have improved my spiritual life. All of this newfound knowledge has improved my relationship with God, and I have discovered the answers to many of my questions that I was searching for in my walk with God.

I also learned about a few errors that I was making in my walk with Christ. For example, In Ron’s book The Way to Intimacy, I learned not to pray in vain repetition (Matthew 6:7). Despite reading the Bible regularly, it wasn’t until I attended this theology course that my error in praying stood out to me.

Before taking this theology course, I constantly prayed repeatedly thinking I could convince God to give me the answer to my prayer. But now I know that prayer is a relationship and a dialogue between me and God. I now understand that God wants to communicate with us too!

I have discovered that spending time in solitude and silence has transformed my spiritual life for the better — and I now begin to see more answers to my prayers!

I want to thank Ron for his books, this theology course, and Kostya for being our teacher!

– Ira Darmider

Ira is just another example of the many students who are growing closer to God through our theology books and courses. So far over 22,000 copies of my theology books have been freely distributed to Christian college students across Ukraine and Russia, used to train pastors, and taught to wonderful Christians, like Ira throughout our area of Kharkov on a regular basis.

It is encouraging for me to hear how all of our hard work is transforming lives for the better. Other than when people repent and are saved, there is no greater joy for me than when people grow closer in their relationship with our Lord and Savior!

Please continue to pray that we will make a dramatic influence in the lives of our theology students, and with Christians throughout Ukraine and Russia. Please also pray for our medical mission and orphan ministries. They are doing well, but still need your prayers.

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