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We have been teaching the essentials of the Christian faith for two years now. In the beginning, it was unsure whether this was a needed resource or not, but two years later we have discovered that we are providing a critical need within the Christian community and the secular world.

Our resources have been embraced by Christians wanting to go deeper in their education, and non-Christians who have wanted to use my book to learn more about the existence of God, and the truth about salvation through Christ alone. We now have a few pastor’s asking us to teach their congregation our theology course. It is wonderful to see people hunger to go deeper in their theology. Perhaps a few are even being saved.

Here is the testimony of one man named Volodia from a town a hour outside of Kharkov, named Valki.

“It is good that we now have this theology course. We used to hear from other churches about this class, but now we can see firsthand for ourselves that this course is really good. Many things taught in church have become more clear to me thanks to SCM’s teacher, Koysta Deineko.

When I began attending the class, I was very shy. Actually, I had a real problem with alcohol. When I attending the course, I felt very guilty for even being there. But the theology course has helped my faith grow. Since attending this course, I have seen God, his power, love, and desires for my life in a different perspective. Although I was ashamed to be there, I asked SCM’s teacher to pray with me. It was quite a powerful time for me. Now I do not drink alcohol anymore and my neighbors asked me what happened to me since I changed so dramatically. They say that I am a different man. Thank you for this theological course.”

– Volodia from Valki

What a wonderful testimony of God’s work in Volodia’s life. It is my hope and prayer that God will used this course to touch thousands of lives across Ukraine and beyond. If you would like to make a donation to continue the publication and distribution of this book to pastor’s throughout the Russian speaking world, it would be greatly appreciated. We would like to publish thousand of more books by the end of 2006.


Believe it or not, SCM’s five-year anniversary is next month! We will be mailing you a special newsletter next month covering a few of SCM’s accomplishments during the past five years. We want to thank you for your prayers and faithful support over the years. We could not have accomplished anything without God’s blessing and your support.

Ron Putnam

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