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Lada (middle back row) with two disabled orphans and volunteers.

As I mentioned that I minister to disabled orphans. One time, I went to visit these children and I met a girl named Vika. I discovered that it was her birthday, but no one had done anything to celebrate her birthday, so I took the initiative and went to the store to buy her a cake, some food, party hats, a few presents, and played games with all the kids. I was surprised that the kids were not more attentive, but the regular workers told me not to worry, because for “these kids” it was an amazing day that they will remember for some time to come. I just wish I could do more for them all!

Another time, I met a 17 year old disabled orphan named Lena. She is in very bad shape, physically speaking. Because of problems with her legs and spinal column, she can only lie on her stomach because her body is very twisted.

Lena’s long term desire was to have her own bedspread. When we visited her on her birthday, we were able to give her what she always wanted, her special bedspread, along with some flowers and food. Many of the other children pleaded with us to come back for their birthdays too and one girl in a wheelchair asked me to hold her hand for over an hour.

After visiting Vika, Lena, and the other disabled orphans, I am so thankful that my own child is healthy. It is a very hard ministry, but I thank God for allowing me to be used to shine his light and love these kids to the best of my ability, no matter how inadequate I feel in making a long term solution for them.

Another orphan named Illya wanted me to provide his testimony for everyone. Here is his story:

“Hello, my name is Ilya and I was born in a large family of eight children. I am 14 years old. My parents are both alcoholics and used to fight a lot in my home. I ran away from home a few times because of all of their arguments and sometimes they beat me. I eventually came to the orphanage because some adults thought it was in my best interest to be here. It is better than living on the streets, because here I am able to have food, shelter, and clean clothes. I met Lada (SCM worker) and other Christians at the orphanage and they have taught me much about how much Jesus loves me. I believe these Christians really do care about me, because my own family hasn’t seen me since I have been here. I really enjoy the Bible lessons and reading the Bible. My family may not want me and I don’t know what my future holds, but I know I will be OK, as long as I walk with God.”

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