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Desperate for Security and Love


Here is a beautiful orphan girl who desperately wants to be adopted and have a family. SCM ministers to children like her until their dreams are fulfilled.

We are very pleased to report that 113 adults and children made commitments to Christ through SCM’s various ministries (preaching, English Evangelism courses, theology courses, orphan ministry, and short-term missionaries). It was our most fruitful year since we began our mission six and a half years ago. Since our inception, we have ministered to over 1600 people regularly, and 352 people have made commitments to Jesus Christ. Praise God!

Inside this letter is one of many events that happened this summer. Over the next few months, I will provide you with a few more inspiring stories that came to pass through our ministry.

This past June, a young teenage girl had been taken from her home when I noticed her at Saltavka Children’s Shelter. If my facts are accurate, her mother died, and her father was either neglecting and/or beating her physically. The situation became so bad that her neighbors called the police, which began the process of separating her from her father and delivering her to the children’s shelter, where our missionaries met her for the first time.

While I am sure she disliked her home environment, you could see that she hated living in this shelter too. She wasn’t hardened like so many other street children, but had innocence to her. It seemed as if she really wasn’t supposed to be an orphan, but uncontrollable events caught her in a nightmare situation where there is no immediate escape. Perhaps her life is permanently changed.

One day, a missionary named Kelly and myself delivered pizzas to this shelter, so the children would have a moment of joy during the day. After the children were done eating, we were going to play with the kids in the playground for a brief period of time, but our schedule necessitated that we change our plans and travel to another location.

As we were leaving, this same teenage girl thrust her arm through the barred windows and grasped Kelly’s arm. Her face was filled with tears, panic, fear, as she expressed a sense of abandonment. The message she was conveying was unmistakable – don’t leave me here alone. I need you!

Because she was locked inside the orphanage, the only thing we were able to do was calm her down by promising her that our team would be back again tomorrow. It gave her limited peace.

Sadly, she will most likely be transported somewhere else inside Ukraine very soon (if it hasn’t happened already), and I never knew her name. She did nothing wrong, but she is caught in a horrific situation.

This child is a glaring example of the growing problem inside Ukraine. Not all children are orphans (by definition of having no mother and father), but tragically, many children who reside in shelters and orphanages are neglected or abused children. All they want is to have a normal home life and to be loved. But barring a miracle, this will never happen for the majority of these children.

Please pray for all the children in these orphanages. Pray for their salvation, mental and physical health, and that someday all these children will be adopted by Christian families. They all have a story to tell, and they all need our love. Until then, SCM visits five orphanages regularly, and we try to provide the most basic of their emotional and spiritual needs.

Thank you for your help. God bless you.

Ron Putnam

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