Departed for Safety

Hello my name is Lena, and I have three children, Katya, Vika, and Andrew. Before the war, my family lived in a town named, Malogvardevsk, in the Lugansk region, which is now under the control of the pro-Russian separatists and Russian soldiers. Our family moved to Kharkov at the beginning of the war, so we could be safe from harm. We feel very fortunate to have left our region and also able to discover a Christian community here in Kharkov.
My children have begun school in Kharkov and my husband (Anatoliy) has found some income working in a factory. By God’s grace, Christians from the church that we have been attending have helped us with food while also trying to help my husband find full-time employment.

I can tell you that because of the war, many Christians from my region are gone; they fled with their families, just like us. We met SCM through the doctors and nurses that blessed our family when they came to visit us. I want to thank everyone for caring for our family. Because there is extreme danger where we used to live, we will not go back home anytime soon. Please pray for all of us who have had to leave our homes!

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