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Denis’ Triple Disappointments

Denis and SCM worker Ira

Denis, with SCM employee, Ira, who is amazing with the children!

At the time that we met Denis Smirnov, he was a handsome six year old boy; he is now about 8 years old. He was an only child, who was dearly loved by his mother, until her untimely death because of an inflamed liver. Sadly, Denis’ mother passed away when he was four years old and she was only 32 years old. The only other family member that Denis had was a very old grandmother, who had the in¬ability to care for him. Therefore, Denis was placed in the Krasnakutsk orphanage, where the government often places young orphan children.

Sadly, the story does not improve for you or Denis. During one of his medical examinations, the doctor discovered a tumor in Denis’ head, apparently there is an illness in his body that may have caused this tumor. It was decided by the medical community that they would not do the surgery while the tumor remained dormant. Unfortunately, it did NOT remain dormant. He had his surgery and was moved to another orphanage somewhere else. Because the government does not give out that information, we have no idea where he was moved.

There was a Canadian family who was naturally attracted to Denis and wanted to adopt him, but once they discovered his medical condition, they stopped the adoption process and passed on him as a member of their family. Apparently, they did not want to go through the heartache of seeing Denis eventually deteriorate, since they were told that he may not live past his 30th birthday. Of course, this had a traumatic effect on Denis.

Denis’s has a tragic storyline: his mother died, a brain tumor was discovered, and a possible adoption into a loving family was halted. Young Denis has had triple disappointments that no one should have to bear in life, much less, before one’s seventh birthday!

Please pray for Denis, his health, his encouragement, and his eternal destiny, since we cannot minister to him anymore. As a ministry, all we can now do is pray for him. Please join us in praying for Denis; I feel very bad about this child and personally, I feel helpless concerning this child.

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