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Dear Friends, after Ron announced his vision to reach orphan and terminally ill children during the Christmas season, we began pooling our resources of people and money. We originally planned to provide stuffed animals to all the children in the hospitals, but the hospital administration discouraged us because of sanitary reasons. Therefore, we purchased Legos, dolls, creative kits, candy, cookies, and also presented each child with Christian literature (the literature was donated by Living Hope Baptist Church in Kharkov and the gifts were wrapped and the wrapping paper donated by Good News Church of Kharkov). Because many children have poor hygiene, we also supplied many kids with shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste, and soap too.

PresentsBefore engaging in this outreach, we needed to secure the administration’s approval for each location; you cannot just come to a hospital or orphanage and shower kids with gifts. By God’s grace every location accepted us, which is rare because many other Christian ministries have been denied access. But God’s favor was upon us and we were allowed to bless many children. It was truly a miracle from God!

We were allowed to share the Christmas story, as well as, Jesus’ death and resurrection with the kids and their families. It was a joy to witness so many family members intently listening. We could all see that the Holy Spirit had gone before us that day because this message “deeply touched” all who listened (kids and adults alike). I am being sincere when I convey that it was a miracle to see how everything worked together perfectly and went so smoothly. Your financial donations for the presents, the openness of Ukrainian volunteers, discounts at department stores for buying the presents (which is very rare), the open hearts of the secular administration at all locations, and the open spirits of the children and family members. The entire event was ordained by God!

You helped reach this terminally ill child with the love of Christ by giving a Christmas gift, candy, and Christian literature. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 8.25.27 PMIt was also a miracle that the MegaVoice audio devices and stuffed animals arrived on Christmas Eve only an hour and a half before the start of our Christmas program to the orphans! The box traveled to us from half way around the world and we received these items at the last possible moment – it was truly amazing! When the delivery driver called me to deliver the package to my home, I was in our ministry car doing some last minute errands. I discovered from our conversation that his delivery truck was only one street away from me – in a town of 1.5 million people. I was able to receive your package from America three minutes later!

Our Christmas program to orphans had two parts: first, we presented the Christmas story; and second, a professional entertainer provided entertainment for the children. Afterwards we distributed the Christmas presents. All the children eagerly received the truth about Jesus and almost every child accepted Jesus as Savior that day. Thank you very much for blessing so many unfortunate children. It made an eternal impact

Vova Yevsukov

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