Can’t Put the Book Down!

“My name is Valentina and I am proud to report to you that God literally has changed my future overnight!

I had suffered from asthma and my condition was worsening by the day, when I began to suffocate. Everyone was worried, but there was nothing anyone could do, because our village had no doctor, only a nurse.

Valentina with pastor Kostya  Deneka of SCM.

Valentina with pastor Kostya Deneka of SCM.

My family immediately sent for the nurse and when she arrived, she asked me ‘If we could pray together.’ I wasn’t too surprised, because I knew from the community that she was a Christian. After we prayed, I immediately felt better.

Since that prayer, my asthma has never returned and I have been completely healthy. It was a miracle from God! And from that moment, I realized that God existed! I was previously an atheist and denied God, but since my healing, my whole worldview has changed.

After this miracle, I naturally ‘ran’ to church, repented of my sins, accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord, and was baptized. I serve God continually and remain faithful in my walk with Christ.

And while salvation was critical to me, I still needed spiritual strengthening (and others in my church too). This was made possible through Ron Putnam’s discipleship courses. I was especially interested in the topic, “Does God Exist?” since I used to be an atheist. My heart was overwhelmed with joy because I could testify to everything reported in the chapter, as if it was my story and experiences were outlined within his chapter.

Pastor Ron’s proof of God’s existence and the evidence he provided to support this truth inspired me with confidence. We thank God for Ron and pastor Kostya for these courses. I have been greatly encouraged, as well as, everyone else in our church. I really enjoyed this awesome book and I couldn’t stop reading it. I read it from cover to cover in one week. Thank you very much for this ministry!” – Valentina

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