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Bursting at the Seams!

I recently returned from a very fruitful trip to Ukraine. Our English evangelism courses, theology courses, and orphan ministry are going well and growing dramatically. Because of your generous gifts, our English evangelism classes are bursting at the seams.

The pastor of Resurrection Baptist Church in Kharkov recently asked me to hire another English teacher due to the overwhelming growth in the English evangelism courses we are teaching in his church. God has drawn over 120 students to this location alone–many of whom are non-Christians from the community!

The high turnout and limited space have forced some of the students to sit in the hallway where they can barely hear the teacher. Please pray that God will provide the funds so we can hire another English teacher. Our students are meeting in three groups, but they need to be divided into four.

I am also delighted to share with you that God has significantly grown the volunteer team working with our orphan ministry. Eight Ukrainian Christians are giving their time to help support our paid staff. I feel overwhelmed with joy seeing God’s people giving their time sacrificially, but I am equally delighted in knowing that more children are receiving personal attention and love. We still need more help, but this is a vast improvement!

Our theology courses are currently studying my new book in three churches. We are using these courses as a testing ground for our fall courses and to prepare our study guide to accompany my new book. Because we anticipate an increase in enrollment in the fall, we are now planning on hiring another theology teacher. Please pray that God will draw the right person to us. I will explain more about this in a few more months.

Ron Putnam

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