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Good News Medical Team in Kovsharovka. Vova, SCM director is on the far left.

During one of our medical outreach ministry events, we went to the town of Kovsharovka, which is about 90 miles from Kharkov and has approximately 25,000 residents. During the Soviet Union era, there was a huge factory in this town that employed about 16,000 people. But after the Soviet Union collapsed, so did this town and the people in it — economically, spiritually, and as we have observed physically too. This is a very poor town with many broken lives.

Good News Church sent their volunteer team of doctors and nurses, and as always, we participated in the event administration, purchasing the medication, helping with the transportation costs, and paying for the local advertising of the event (this is the usual routine for all of our medical outreaches). As is always the case, Christians from the local church ended up distributing the flyers and letting everyone know that this was a “free event” and invited people from the community. And by God’s grace, many people came … about 100 people!

It was very cold outside, so everyone had to wait inside in very narrow corridors to keep warm; this was the only struggle during the outreach. While people were waiting, the local pastor with whom we partnered with this day took the patients into a side room and prayed with them.

Despite the cold conditions, I am pleased to report that about 100 people (mostly elderly unbelievers) came for the free medical services we provided. Of the 100 people, 10 people made confessions of faith in Jesus Christ and many more received needed medical attention. During this week, their spirits were truly uplifted!

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