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Bombs Were Exploding Near our Home!


Luba with her three children

Hello, my name is Luba, (which is short for Lubov and translated means “Love” in English). After the war began in my town, I moved to Kharkov. I didn’t want to leave my home and I stayed as long as I could, but unfortunately, the situation deteriorated and it wasn’t safe to remain any longer. Explosions happened regularly and bombs were exploding near my home, so we packed up a few of our belongings, made it through several check points and arrived safely in this center where we are presently living until we can figure out our future.

We are very thankful to have a small private space for our family. It isn’t home, but we believe that we made the right decision to leave when we did, since the armed conflict in Alchevsk has greatly intensified. Many families cannot get out of the region now because of the bombing and roadblocks.

Thankfully, my husband, Roma, has found work as a driver at the rehab center where we are staying. I am still looking for a job and finding a way for my children to begin school. Honestly, I have never followed Jesus or claimed to be a Christian, but I now see God’s hand in my life and how God has placed many good Christian people around us.

I do not know what is in store for our future; all we can do is hope that peace will come back to Ukraine. I want to thank SCM for facilitating Christian doctors and nurses to come and visit us. It has been an encouragement knowing people care about us. Thank you again! – Luba

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