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Blessings Come in Three’s!


One of our medical staff volunteers helping a patient.

We had a medical outreach in the town of Bezludovka. As usual, we worked in cooperation with the local church to help with advertising and preparing their facility to handle all of the patients who will come seeking medical help. I want to say that the outreach was a success! We had about forty people show up, mostly unbelievers who really needed help. The group of physicians and nurses did an excellent job of ministering to the people’s medical needs.

Many of the patients were pleasantly surprised to see the quality of our medical staff, considering the fact that we were offering our services for free, in the name of the Lord. They were amazed at the attitude and joy of everyone. They truly felt the love of God in the brief encounter we had with them.

One hour after we began receiving patients, one young mother named Galina came to me and the pastor and asked us to help her accept Jesus as her Savior! We were delighted that she was so moved.

Then about an hour later, another woman named Olga came forward with the same request – could we pray with her to receive Christ too! Then if that wasn’t already enough to delight us, a third woman named Elena came forward and had the same request – please help me know Jesus as my Lord and Savior!

It was a wonderful day to see not one, not two, but three different people seeking physical healing and spiritual salvation! Truly, the Lord blessed Slavic Christian Ministries and all of our volunteers during this outreach. Now we are even having the physicians use SKYPE to interact with their patients, so they can receive follow-up recommendations. It was a wonderful trip. Here is what pastor Igor, the local pastor, has to say:

Dear pastor Ron and Slavic Christian Ministries,

Thank you for this wonderful medical outreach. We are so blessed to have all of you investing in our community. Because of your team’s help, we have been able to touch a few people living in our region. Truly, Christ was glorified!

As a pastor, I was so glad to see some people pray for salvation and tell me they want to visit our church in the near future. We have now named this new ministry: MINISTRY – 911. Thank you for providing such professional and deeply dedicated medical staff. Everything was done at a very high level of professionalism.
– Pastor Igor, Good News Church in Bezludovka

Dear friends, we began our medical mission outreaches about a year and a half ago, and it has been a joy to see how it is maturing. And consistently, we have seen how the Lord has poured out compassion upon many hurting people. As I write this prayer letter, I am reminded of the compassionate heart of our Savior in Matthew 8:5-7.

In this story, Jesus entered Capernaum and “a centurion came to him, asking for help. ‘Lord,’ he said, ‘my servant lies at home paralyzed and in terrible suffering.’ Jesus responded, ‘I will go and heal him.’” A simple request and a simple response. Six common, but powerful words that moved the heart of God and healed a hurting person; six words and a willing Savior.

This same humble Lord of ours consistently goes before us and helps those who truly need him, both physically and spiritually. We continue our outreaches because that is what we are called to do in this ministry: to go and heal people, in the name of Jesus. So please continue to pray for us every month that our impact will remain steady and our efforts fruitful!

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