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Blessings Come in 3’s!


Vova (SCM Director) with Anastasia, just before her adoption to an American family!

I hope all of you are well. This letter will update you on the exciting news regarding some recent events at SCM. I’m confident you’ll enjoy and be encouraged by this month’s update.


We are clearly experiencing a season of blessing – both in our family and through SCM’s activities within Ukraine. Without a doubt, we have many reasons to celebrate.

Blessing Number 1: Brianna Grace Is Born!

I’m excited to announce that Brianna Grace Putnam (our third child) was born at 3:17 a.m. on July 1! Our beautiful, brown-haired and bluish-gray eyed baby was healthy and Katya is recovering well. What a wonderful gift to our family! She is a happy baby who enjoys eating and sleeping. Big sisters Isabella and Hannah are wonderful little helpers for mom! Please see her photographs on our webpage

Blessing Number 2: Father’s House Won Their Lawsuit!

As many of you know, Father’s House Orphanage has been battling an evil businessman in the Ukrainian civil courts for three years. Masquerading as advocates for the children, he and his attorneys claim the kids were being spiritually abused, and that the orphanage was not following the laws of Ukraine. In the best interest of the children, they suggested that the courts revoke the orphanage’s charter and disperse the children to other orphanages across Ukraine.

In reality, these men were trying to steal the property for their own personal financial gain (the orphanage sits on a large section of prime real estate). Of course, this would then give these evildoers the opportunity to steal the land or purchase it for a small fraction of its fair market value, netting them a profit of hundreds of thousand of dollars, if not more.

Their court case was a total facade. They didn’t care about the children at all! Despite the frivolousness of the lawsuit, the director was fearful of the outcome. She confided to us that she doubted her side was going to win the suit because the legal tactics taken by the plaintiffs seemed to be swaying the court to their advantage. This meant she would lose the children her staff loved very much.

But many people prayed: The orphanage workers, the children, Ukrainian Christians, and American Christians. When the judge rendered his decision in favor of the orphanage, all of us were surprised and very pleased! Clearly, it was a miraculous decision – particularly since the orphanage director all but believed that the lawsuit was lost. God obviously intervened through this secular judge!

I too was amazed, because the Ukrainian judicial system isn’t known for having the same level of integrity as our American system. This decision increased my respect for Ukrainian legal system! In our next prayer letter you will read the director’s own report of these events.

Let us give glory to God, who “Sustains the fatherless … but frustrates the ways of the wicked”; (Psalm 146:9).

Blessing Number 3: Anastasia Was Adopted!

Many of you have followed little Anastasia through the past few years. As you may recall, when she was a young little girl, her mother abandoned her at a train station in Kharkov. Marred by a cleft lip, you prayed for her through all of her surgeries, speech therapy, and interaction with other orphan children. In light of her tragic story, we were trying to restore her little life to as much normalcy as possible.

Then out of nowhere, another miracle took place. Unknown to anyone at SCM, an American couple hoping to adopt a child in Ukraine discovered little Anastasia. After searching for their beautiful child, God directed them to our little girl, who we adopted in our hearts. Anastasia now lives in a Christian home in Alabama, with a new family under a new name: Rachael Gann. Please visit the family’s blog at

During this season of financial uncertainty, giving to SCM remains about 40% below our monthly requirements. For those of you who continue to partner with our ministry financially during these troubling economic times, you remain an absolute blessing to us! Thank you for your faithful giving and personal sacrifice! We love you dearly and can do nothing without you!

For all of you who have prayed for our ministry, we thank you for your sacrifice, too. Half-way around the world, lives have been changed and souls saved – because you cared enough to pray. Thank you so very much! In great and small ways, all of you have a share in this season of blessing! God bless all of you.

Ron Putnam


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