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Baby Daniel and Sister Awaiting Mom’s Health

Both Daniel (in red) and his sister with SCM Worker, Ira in Hospital #17 in Kharkov, Ukraine

Both Daniel (in red) and his sister with SCM Worker, Ira in Hospital #17 in Kharkov, Ukraine

Besides serving within orphanages, Slavic Christian Ministries also serves in the 17th municipal hospital, where the government sends abandoned children from 3 months old to 3 years old of age. This is where kids come, while the government decides their future placement. Of course, we don’t teach Bible lessons to these ages, but we show compassion, love and care!

This testimony is about Daniel and his sister (we don’t know her name), who was born into a normal family, but after his mother gave birth to her second child (a
girl who Ira is holding in the photo, I believe), she started to suffer from postpartum depression. Daniel’s father was working long hours and was unable to help Daniel or the family, while the mom was battling her depression. Unfortunately, there were no other family members who could intercede and help out in the home with the children, so the government took the children until mom’s mental health would improve. Both Daniel and his sister (who was still breast feeding) were in the same hospital.

The children’s future remained really vague for a long time; everything depended on their mom’s ability to recover from depression. If she was unable to become stable, the children would have been sent to an orphanage. After a long time of concern, I am pleased to report that the mom improved, Daniel and his sister returned home to their parents and are doing much better. Thankfully, our Lord allowed our team the privilege of loving and helping these kids during a critical time in their young developmental lives.

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