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Anastasia’s Story

Photo for Dec 2007 letter

Here is Anastasia, a 13 year-old orphan, and her friend Anya.

As you may know, one of our main outreach ministries is to orphans. We love them, build into their lives, and teach them about Jesus. Unless you visit Ukraine, the needs of the people are hard to imagine. So I would like you to read about Anastasia’s story (different than the 3 year-old I spoke much about in past letters). She is an orphan that may help you understand the struggle that children have in Ukraine. Here is her story:

Dear friends,

Thank you for allowing me to tell you my testimony. Before I came to this orphanage, I lived with my mom and stepfather in my home. I love my mom very much, but unfortunately, both of my parents are alcoholics. When they were drunk they would frequently beat me physically. Because I was scared for my life, I ran away from home. And because I had nowhere to go, I came to this orphanage to see if they would help me. That let me stay here, and I am happy that they accepted me. The children are nice to me, and now no one hurts me.

After I came here I became a Christian because of your ministry’s outreach to me. When your team would come to visit us, I would come to your lessons and learn about the Bible, play games with you, make crafts, and enjoy listening to many different Bible stories. It is through your teaching that I discovered that God really loves me, and that I can pray to him at anytime. Recently, I have been praying that God would restore my relationship with my mom, and I am beginning to see God answer a few of my prayers.

I also began praying for my friend named Anya. I met her in this orphanage. Unfortunately, Anya was brought here after her mom died. I am sad to hear her story because her dad and brother did not want to take care of her. Because they abandoned her she was sent here. She loves them and wants to see them very much, but they have not wanted to come and visit her. This has made her very sad and she has cried a lot about this.

I know this hurts Anya, so I have been praying that her family would visit her. And I am happy to tell you that her brother recently visited her and brought her some candy and cookies. I was so happy for Anya because she loves her family very much. I know that God can help Anya and give her the answers she needs.

Thank you for building into our lives and visiting us regularly. Please come again soon. We are waiting for you, and we love you.

- Anastasia

Friends, Anastasia’s testimony is a heartwarming story of a life that we have touched through our ministry. And we thank God that he is using SCM to change a few lives because of your partnership with us. But the 300 or so orphans that we minister to regularly is nothing compared to the unimaginable number of orphans and neglected children in Ukraine.

Please remember to pray for all of us at SCM, and for all the people we are trying to minister to through our orphans ministry. Thank you for everything! We love you and hope you have a good Christmas!

Ron Putnam

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