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An Encouraging Spring

After teaching English evangelism and theology in many different locations since last September, we ended our teaching year on an encouraging note. After investing in many of our student’s lives over the past eight months, six of our English students made confessions to Christ.

Our discipleship students continue to be encouraged too. Most of them are Christians, but they are learning to go deeper in the essentials of the Christian faith, so they can witness better to their friends and family, and be more firmly rooted in their Christian theology. One of our students recently said,

“I am thankful for your ministry and for the classes that I have been attending with great joy. I received much from what was taught to me and now feel much better spiritually because of the truths taught through your ministry. Truth used to be difficult for me to comprehend, and because I am a leader of a small youth group, I used to feel like a failure in my ministry because I felt unworthy. Consequently, my lack of understanding of biblical truths hindered my spiritual life. With the abundance of the Holy Spirit and with the solid teaching in your course, I understood that I am in God’s will and that I am on the correct path in life. God’s word now keeps me strong, comforts me, and gives me success in everything. Thank you very much for your course.”

– Nadia Solishina, Pervamiesk Church

We praise God for students like Nadia who have been touched by Jesus through our ministry. We hope that many more students will be helped with each passing year.

I continue to preach almost every Sunday to churches as small as fifteen people and as large as a thousand people, depending on the size of the church that invites me. When I preached in April, nine people made professions of faith to accept Christ, and four or five more people recommitted their lives to Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and sacrificial giving. We could not have this ministry without your help! We appreciate you very much!

Ron Putnam

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