Alyona’s Testimony

Alyona and Ira

Alyona and Ira, SCM orphanage and Refugee employee.

Hi, My name is Alyona and I am thirteen years old. I grew up in a large family and lived in a Ukrainian village. We were very poor. My dad had to go to prison, and I am sad that he eventually died in prison. If it wasn’t bad enough to lose my dad, my mom died of cancer two years ago. We were scared and in shock and we went to live with my grandma, but because she was an alcoholic, I was sent to this orphanage. Thankfully, my brothers and sisters are older and they are able to stay with my grandmother, but I was sent away.

Since being in this orphanage, I have met Christians, like those in your ministry. I have enjoyed learning Bible lessons and I have begun reading my Bible. Recently, I have learned to pray and I have been praying that God would give me a foster family!

I am pleased to report that since this testimony, God heard Alyona’s prayers and a she has been sent to a foster family! Please pray that this family will be good to Alyona, have pure motives, and will adopt her permanently.

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