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Abandoned by the world, but not by God


Artem with SCM employee Vova Yevsukov

One boy our ministry has invested in for several years is named Artem Mogila. He is a 15 year old orphan who was delivered to the orphanage by his grandmother eight years ago.

Unfortunately, Artem never knew his father, because his mother was promiscuous and didn’t know the father’s identity. And after Artem’s birth, his mother saw him as a burden and “gave him away” to a total stranger. The police were contacted, an investigation ensued on the whereabouts of his biological mother, but when she was never discovered, Artem was placed with his biological grandmother who loved and cared for him for the first seven years of his life. The mother was pronounced “dead” by the government several years after her disappearance.

Artem’s grandmother loved and cared for him, but her age, feebleness, and poverty left her with the inability to care and provide for him, so she had to make the very difficult decision to release custody and send Artem to an orphanage, where she would visit him on weekends, until she passed away a few years ago.

After his grandmother’s death, Artem became disillusioned, depressed, unstable, aggressive, and angry. His one and only family member was gone – and he felt abandoned by this world. But God had other plans for Artem. God hadn’t abandoned him; in fact, our Lord had been watching, waiting, and preparing Artem to meet him for the very first time. When Artem was in despair, Jesus entered his life when Christians introduced Artem to God and the Good News of redemption and salvation that is available through Jesus. Shortly afterward, Artem accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior and became part of a worldwide and eternal family. This hopeless boy began the path toward hope and peace, once again!

Our SCM employees testify to an amazing transformation in Artem’s life as people’s love, prayers, and personal investment turned his life around. This transformation occurred through the consistency of several Christian believers, including our team.

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