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A Hardened Atheist Redeemed for Christ


Oleg, Renewed by Christ’s Love

Hello, my name is Oleg Khlopov and I’m from Kharkov, Ukraine. Growing up, my family always attended church, but I have been a hardened atheist my entire life. During my childhood my relatives called me a “daredevil,” because I was a mischievous kid, broke windows, caused trouble, and even started a fire.

As the years passed, I was married and had a son. But somehow, someway, I became addicted to drugs. All I remember is that I began arguing with my family and I tried to calm myself down by medicating myself through illegal drugs, until one day I woke up and realized that it consumed my entire life. My wife had divorced me and my life unraveled in dramatic ways. I eventually was brought to this Christian rehabilitation center by the police because I was in such bad shape.

While residing here in this facility, I was “annoyed” by these Christians who kept inviting me to their Bible lessons. After a while, I decided to attend their meetings in an attempt to destroy their faith and theological arguments about Christianity. But over the passage of time, I realized that I was the one changing!

I began attending church, reading my Bible, and truly seeking to learn, until one day I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior during an altar call. Slavic Christian Ministries theology teach, Kostya Deneka said that I’m now a totally different person.

After attending Slavic Christian Ministries theology courses and after I studied Ron Putnam’s book The Way to Intimacy, I was am amazed at how wonderful this course was for me! I was deeply impressed by the chapters “Giving” and “Worship.” I felt with all my heart that giving and worship of God would transform my heart and bring me back to health emotionally and spiritually.

My life is constantly changing due to our Bible lessons and because other Christian friends are investing in me. I’m not ready to leave the rehabilitation center, but I am getting better every day. If someone would have told me that I would be a true believer a few years ago, I would never have believed him. I’m thankful for the teacher’s and God’s patience with me. God has prepared one more surprise for me – He gave me an opportunity to meet the author of the book that we are studying. This is incredible! Ron Putnam flew all the way across the ocean and visited my rehabilitation center, so he could provide us hope and assurance in Christ. I wish there were more people like those serving in Slavic Christian Ministries. Thank you for pointing me to Christ!

– Oleg

Because of your prayers and help in our ministry, people like Oleg are turning to Christ through the Holy Spirit’s leading and through our efforts.


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