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Former SCM employee, Ira, teaches at Christmas Outreach, where 30 orphans turned to Jesus (Christmas 2015).

“While serving in the children’s orphanages, our worker’s share different Bible stories with the kids (the stories were mostly from the Gospels). Using these stories we explain to the children about Jesus, who he is, why he was born, why Jesus died on the cross of our sins, and how he was resurrected from the grave. But the most special time of sharing with the kids is Christmas and Easter.

It is a special time with much anticipation and prayer because these are the two events when we are allowed to offer salvation to the kids in these governmental run orphanages. After building relationships and investing in these beautiful children for almost an entire year, their tender hearts are open and many kids accept Jesus as their Savior every year. This year was no exception!

We bought candy and distributed Christian literature to all the children. We went to visit the boys’ group first. We began our lesson, described the birth of Christ and the meaning of Christmas. They listened very attentively and some teenagers who already knew the story and helped explain the story to those unaware of the Good News of the Christmas story. It was evident that this Christmas outreach deeply touched every boy’s heart.


Christmas Outreach 2014

At the very end of the teaching and before our celebration time, we asked the children who would like to thank Jesus for his birth and also ask for their salvation, which is the ultimate gift Jesus would like from them this year. Most of the boys prayed to Jesus with sincere hearts. Our joy was immeasurable and we have no expectation that so many would turn to Jesus!

We then visited the girls’ group and shared the same Christmas story. Again, we expected a few to turn to Christ, but it was the same result as with the boy’s – almost every girl prayed to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

On that day about 30 children prayed to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord; 30 amazing Christmas gifts that blessed us and turned to Christ for salvation. It was a joyful site to behold. The joy of Christmas filled the orphanage and that the holiday wasn’t just another event on the calendar, but a very momentous occasion that they will long remember. They realized that Jesus was born and died for their sins, he was a heavenly gift for them, and each one of them could feel that they weren’t abandoned in this cruel world. I believe that Jesus will remain close to them, after experience this amazing day!”

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